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Thank you for this perspective, Jodi. Eddie Ndopu is incredibly inspiring and he gave me much to consider. I'm always trying to be conscious about my choice of words and their meaning. Language is always evolving as a reflection of our collective consciousness.

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Thank you Jodi for this insight. How important it is to be kind to one another.

I have learned the vital importance of kindness and inspiration from those who live authentically. Kindness is a core aspect of our shared humanity.

Eddie Ndopu lives life on his own terms, reminding us to embrace our uniqueness and the fleeting nature of life. He shows us that disability is an integral part of one's identity deserving respect.

In my diverse experiences working with people from various backgrounds and challenges, there is no denial that they are my greatest teachers. They have illuminated the paths of resilience and the diverse human experiences, enriching my perspective on life. For them, it's not just about resilience - oh no; it's about the freedom to be themselves despite their disabilities. Their determination is genuinely inspiring and merits our respect.

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