Jun 9, 2022 • 46M

When the interviewer becomes the interviewee

Speaking about disability workplace inclusion with Ilona Brannen

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A man sits on the grass among frolicking golden retriever puppies, holding one and trying to get the attention of one that is chewing on the orange spoke of the man's wheelchair. "More Than Normal" is printed in orange letters in the upper lefthand corner of the photo.

It’s an odd experience being on the other side of the interview but that’s exactly what happened a couple of months ago when Ilona Brannen asked me to be a guest on her podcast Still Loading. She asked me to speak about inclusive workplaces in the digital age and specifically about the inclusion of people with disabilities. I guess I could speak about that, I’d said. But I’ll admit, I was wary given my lack of experience being on the other side of the microphone, if you will.

But it’s out today. I listened to it and I’m proud to say, I didn’t wince once in doing so. I hope you find it interesting. It was fun to do and Ilona was beyond lovely and kind.

And just an aside, the interview was done on a Zoom call. With my ADHD and audio processing issues, I’m finding it much easier to have conversations with people when I can see their faces than over the telephone. So, thanks, Ilona, for the opportunity and for your kindness. Wishing you well for your future podcasts.

Late note to correct something I said during the interview: President Franklin Roosevelt was not paralyzed due to an accident. He was paralyzed as a result of polio.